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How it started

Veronique graduated from HEC Paris and currently serves as a professor at the same institution. Her goal is to create lasting and remarkable experiences for leaders, allowing them to emerge as a more capable and impactful leader.

Laurent, with 30 years of leadership and extensive naval experience, including pivotal commanding roles and combat missions, leveraged his expertise to enhance the realism of this simulation.

The simulation they've developed is intended to help you develop the skills that set you apart in the competitive world of business. With this simulation, you will:

  • Develop leadership expertise: Acquire the skills necessary to lead teams, drive results in a competitive business landscape while maintaining team cohesion.
  • Enhance strategic decision-making: Improve your ability to make informed decisions that align with long-term goals and drive growth.
  • Practice collaboration and communication: Hone effective communication and collaboration techniques that foster a positive work environment.
  • Gain the confidence to lead in complex and uncertain business situations.

Veronique Nguyen holds the role of adjunct Professor of Strategic Management at HEC Paris where she contributes to various programs including Grande Ecole, Executive MBA, and Executive Education. Her instructional repertoire encompasses a diverse range of subjects topics, notably Strategy and Change Management. She was the Scientific Director of the MSc Strategic Management at HEC Paris, a program that holds the top worldwide ranking according to The Economist. She oversees the academic direction of several internationally acclaimed programs, which collectively contribute to HEC's esteemed standing as a leader in Executive Education. Véronique Nguyen is an alumna of HEC Paris, having obtained her MSc. degree there. Furthermore, she has earned a Ph.D. in Management Science from the same institution.

Graduated with an Engineer degree from the Naval Academy in 1992, Laurent Sudrat served both as a surface warfare officer and as an aircraft pilot and instructor. His operational career in the Navy was marked by combat experiences in crisis and war zones. After 30 years in the Navy, Laurent decided to take on a new challenge by joining a private company as director of an airborne combat system project, director of Self Protection Electronic Warfare, and member of the executive committee for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance business. Surface Warfare Officer: Laurent has been embarked 10 years onboard various warships. He was also assigned to the helicopter carrier "Jeanne d'Arc" as an instructor for young officers in training. He assumed the command of a frigate taking part in front of Libya in many combat actions, and in anti-piracy missions in the Indian Ocean. He has been assigned as Executive Officer (second in command) of the “Charles de Gaulle” nuclear aircraft carrier, participating in an intensive deployment in the Persian Gulf. He has been the Commanding Officer of the amphibious ship and helicopter carrier “Tonnerre” (2015-2017) and Commander of the Amphibious Task Group « Jeanne d’Arc ». Current position: In 2023 he has taken a new role as director of a large micro electronic plant (1000 pers) and managing director of a business sector dedicated to Electronic solutions for harsh environments. Laurent also holds an Executive MBA from HEC and various qualifications in atomic engineering, aeronautics and maritime activities.

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